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Books on Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda

All the following books are assets. whoever you are and  whatever be your age or profession, these books will help and guide you throughout your life. In every stage of your life you will feel their contribution. Remember, these are the books the property of which does not depend on any time or limit...

  • YOGIC THERAPY - US $31 .75* [One of the best book on Yoga Therapy. This book has extensively discussed the benefit of yoga specifically of Hatha Yoga in human life for curing different diseases. The author explains in simple language 96 common disorders and their treatment process through yoga. This book is the store house knowledge from where you can learn many things].    BUY ONLINE

  • YOGA ASANAS - US $25.75 * [A profusely illustrated hand book on important Asanas for beginners, with a section devoted for Pranayama. Not only a set of all-round physical exercises but a preparatory stage for the practice of Yoga in all its comprehensiveness.].  BUY ONLINE

  • CONCENTRATION AND MEDITATION - US $25.75 * [A remarkable treatise on the energies of the inner Man and their application in daily life. A classic on the magnificent psychological science of success in the different fields of life.].  BUY ONLINE

  • MIND - ITS MYSTERIES AND CONTROL - US $25.75* [Written with a practical end in view, this book fully and carefully explains the nature of the mind, the various forms that it assumes, its inner workings and the way to control it. Serves as a valuable guide to all aspirants.]  BUY ONLINE

  • A hand book of NATURE CURE- US $25.75 * [ One of the most comprehensive guide, to health in natural way. This is a complete hand book for treating diseases through natural methods, relying on natural foods, natural elements, yoga and observance of other laws of nature. The author explains in simple language 95 common disorders, including 13 concerning women and prescribed time-tested nature cure methods for the treatment along with ways and means of maintaining good health.   BUY ONLINE


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Learn Yoga & Meditation online. This natural way of healing is immensely beneficial for your healthy & peaceful life. Get physically and psychologically fit and well balanced, to cope up with today's fast lifestyle. Learn how to be free from anxiety & Tension. Bring a peace in your mind. Believe it that Our personalised guidance will be really beneficial for you.  For that you have to be our ONLINE YOGA CLUB member. Quarterly subscription US $51. Subscription includes periodical (every fortnight) step by step online suggestions, Guidance, advices for learning and practice of Yoga (Asana, Mudras, Pranayamas etc.).  Its also includes suggestion and yoga technique for combating some common  diseases. It also includes some spiritual Yogas to bring a divine touch of calmness and peace in your mind.


Click below to be a member now  -

* Yoga & Meditation is equally very beneficial for having a post marriage sound sexual life. Even in many cases it increases sexual urge and power in a very natural way.


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Price includes shipment charge through registered Book Post. Name of above books signifies the Subject of individual book. Original names may be different.