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Devi Durga


Offer Durga Puja for having a piece at home, at your work place or to get rid of any accident in course of a Journey. It is said that if somebody remember Goddess Durga and offer Puja (worship) to her, she fulfills the desire of that person. 

 This is also a common mythological belief of several millions of people during thousands years that whenever they are going out of home for any work, for any job or for traveling ; then to get rid of any accident in course of journey and to make their own work/desires successful, they remember Goddess DURGA and murmur the word in their mind Durga ...Durga ...Durga. GODDESS DURGA IS THE SYMBOL OF SHAKTI (strength)  ASSOCIATED WITH GOD SHIVA. 

Payment Options    


 Offer Puja  to Maa Durga.  You can offer this Holy Puja through us in Durga Mandir in authentic way.  We offer Puja on behalf of you after getting your Puja-order that includes  your details and Puja Amount from you.  'Holy Pushpa' and others will be sent directly at your address. For Offering Puja Pls. click below  -  

 Offer Durga Puja Now 



You may Offer AUSPICIOUS DURGA i.e. CHANDI HOMA & PUJA both  together. Here after the Chandi Homa held, Holy Puja to Devi Durga will be continued for next 2 months. THIS IS VERY POWERFUL HOMA . We  offer this Holy Homa & Puja PERSONALIZED WAY for you.  We offer This Chandi Homa and Puja on behalf of you after getting your Puja-order that includes  your details and Puja Amount from you.  For details Pls. click below  -  

 Offer Durga i.e. Chandi Homa Now 



For offering this auspicious Pooja Kindly

Click Here







Aum Sri Sri Chandi Path

One of the most auspicious way of pleasing Devi Durga (Devi Chandi) and getting her blessing for wholesome well-being is CHANDI-PATH. This chanting of even more than 700 nos. of Sanskrit Mantras and Stotros which continues for several hours, purifies the whole atmosphere of your home and bring Good fortunes for the all members of the family. 


For online Chandi-Path during 3 days pls. click below -

 Chandi Path 


For online Chandi-Path during 7 days pls. click below -

 Chandi Path 



[Pls. do not forget to mention the individual name, Date of Birth and present address of your all family members]




For offering this auspicious Pooja Kindly

Click Here


Required Puja Amount  : 

  • For Durga Puja :  US $71

  • For Durga i.e. Chandi Homa & Puja both (after the Homa held holy Puja will be continued for 2 months) : $181

All charges include delivery charge for sending "prasad" & "Pushpa" by Courier or Speed Post (within India only). For outside India shipment charge is extra or/otherwise we'll send them by general unregistered post. 

We need following details from you for offering Puja 

  1. Your full name.*

  2. Your full address.*

  3. Date of birth.*

  4. 'Puja' amount.*

  5. Your 'Gotro'.

  6. Puja purpose (Your desire for offering Puja).

* mandatory details

For any query you can contact at -  or



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