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It is the belief of millions and millions of people throughout the world that spiritual protections may simply do the wonder for them. Below is a precise list of different spiritual protective measures which are given for your Guidance at a glance. You can select either Homam or Pooja Or Homam & Pooja both together -



Homa : Homam : Havan

Intensive Pujas with Yagna

  (You can select any one or more)  

For protection from forthcoming or existing problems Shiva-Shakti Homa , Durga i.e. Chandi Homa, Nava Grah Homa, Shiva Rudravishek Homa
To combat Legal problems, To win legal battles  Bagalamukhi Homa Shiva Rudravishek Homa
To destroy your Enemies Bagalamukhi Homa , Mahakali Homa 
To combat Black Magic, Evil eyes etc. mischievous Spiritual practice that is targeted for your Harm

Bagalamukhi Homa , Mahakali Homa 

For getting rescued from Dreaded or Very Big  Problems Maha Sudarshan Homa , Shiva Rudravishek Homa , Durga i.e. Chandi Homa 
For getting married early with a good person Shiva HomaShiva-Durga Homa 
For getting a Good Husband Shiva HomaVishnu Homa  , Shiva-Shankti Homa
To Strengthen Love Relation Shiva-Durga Homa 
To Get Back Lost Love Shiva HomaShiva-Durga Homa , Mahakali Homa
To get the Desired Man or Woman as Life Partner Mahakali Homa , Shiva Homa , Vishnu Homa  , Shiva-Shankti Homa
To attract your Husband or Wife more towards you Shiva-Durga Homa  , Mahakali Homa
To become Happy in Married Life Shiva-Durga Homa 
For creating a Good relation between a couple, Husband and wife and in a family Shiva-Shakti Homa , Satyanara Puja (Special and intensive Puja and Homa) 
To combat Financial crisis Ganapati Homa & Lakshmi Homa 
For buying new properties Ganapati Homa, Ganapati Homa & Lakshmi Homa together , Satyanara Puja (Special and intensive Puja and Homa)
For removing Black Magic, Evil Eyes    Bagalamukhi Homa ,  , Mahakali Homa 
To get rid of Problems existing at your office or Work place    Maha Kali Homa , Nava Grah Homa , Bagalamukhi Homa
For removing obstacles which you are facing in every point of your work or projets. Maha Sudarshan Homa , Shiva Rudravishek Homa , Durga i.e. Chandi Homa , Bagalamukhi Homa
For getting well from ailment  Maha Mrityunjay Homa , Shiva Homa , Durga i.e. Chandi Homa  , Shiva-Shakti Homa
For surviving from Accidental incident -  Maha Mrityunjay Homa , Shiva-Shakti Homa 
For Surviving from the Death Bed  Maha Mrityunjay Homa , Shiva Rudravishek Homa , Shiva-Shakti Homa
If  you feel or anticipate that you may be killed or Murdered Bagalamukhi Homa   Shiva Rudravishek Homa , Durga i.e. Chandi Homa  , Maha Sudarshan Homa
For Mental peace  Shiva Homa ,   Durga i.e. Chandi Homa  , Vishnu Homa
For peace at Home  Shiva-Shakti HomaSatyanara Puja (Special and intensive Puja and Homa) 
For making better in Education   Saraswati Homa  ,  Ganapati Homa  or both together 
For wholesome prosperity (for all members of your family) -  Ganapati Homa & Lakshmi Homa  together, Shiva-Durga HomaNava Grah Homa
For combating Grah Problem  i.e. planetary Problems  Nava Grah Homa 
For combating Mangalik Dosa i.e. problem of Mars in Horoscope Bagalamukhi Homa 
For combating Kaalsarp Yoga  Shiva Rudravishek Homa  ,  Maha Mrityunjay Homa , Durga i.e. Chandi Homa 

* While your Problem is really serious or while you want to offer Online Puja or Online Homam then you can try for above spiritual measures. You all are equal in the eyes of all mighty God and Goddess. Surrender yourself to God and Goddess with your full trust &  belief and you will definitely not be ignored from getting their eternal kindness.


* Above is the online guidance for offering Homam or Poojas for your convenience. However, you are free to offer any Puja or Homa at your discretion i.e. at your choice.




   If you feel that you need more spiritual guidance or assistance for combating your Problems then Pls. write us at     indusland@yahoo.com 




You are free to offer Puja at any temple of your choice  Just click here


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